At Taikura Trust, we value difference and support inclusion

Our vision, mission and values reflect our commitment to supporting disabled people to live the lives they want to lead.

The Taikura Trust team is made up different departments including Service Delivery, Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Quality.

Our teams are committed to making sure individuals, whanau and organisations who are connected to us feel valued, and receive an experience that ensures they trust and have confidence in our ability to deliver quality services. 

Our Vision

An Aotearoa New Zealand where people of all abilities and diversity flourish and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with disabled people, their families and our communities to initiate, promote and implement actions that enable people to live the life they choose.

Our Values


We embrace difference and value human life in all its richness and diversity.  We care about and respect other people.  We will be responsive to disabled people’s needs and the needs of their family and whanau.  We are committed to walking alongside people throughout their life journey with empathy and compassion.  We will always act in people’s best interests to ensure their needs are met and that their wellbeing is safeguarded.


We believe all successful partnerships are built on trust.  Honesty and integrity must be at the heart of everything we do as we journey alongside people with disabilities and their families and whanau.  We are committed to doing the right thing – listening to what people say, walking the talk, and doing what we say we will.  We will always say what we mean, tell it how it is, and report things honestly and fairly.


We will work as a confident guide and take positive action that brings certainty to the lives of people and their families and whanau.  We are focused on doing things right first time and will persevere to see things through.  We will speak out for the interests of people with disabilities and support them to have their voices heard.  We will share our knowledge, wisdom, and skill to foster greater understanding and awareness of disabled people’s needs within their local communities and across our nation.  We are committed to results to bring about change.


Our sole purpose is to serve and support people of with disabilities.  They participate, share their opinions and ideas, and provide input into what we do and how we do it.  We will work alongside them to ensure that they have full access to their local communities and the same opportunities as everyone else.  We honour the rights of disabled peoples to make their own choices and participate as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand.