At Taikura Trust, we believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy and harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their professional goals. Here are a few things that we offer at Taikura Trust:

External Professional Supervision

We provide ongoing professional supervision for anyone that wishes to attend.

Supervision offers a safe place to discuss work related challenges and have an objective viewpoint from a suitably qualified professional person. This resource focuses on the needs of the staff member and any issues in regards to all aspects of their work. This is a great opportunity to expand the staff members’ thinking when problem solving at work and further develop skills that would enhance the work they are doing. 

We have a number of external supervisors with various backgrounds which staff can choose from.

Peer Mentoring                                               

Taikura Trust uses Peer Mentoring as a tool to enhance reflective practice in our workplace.  Reflective practice is our ability to reflect on an action so we can engage in a process of continuous learning. 

The main goal of peer mentoring is to enable the development of skills and competence in the workplace, providing for both personal and professional support for staff through regular, dedicated time set aside for in-depth reflection on practice. 

At Taikura Trust, groups of between four and six people meet on a regular, fortnightly basis and use specifically designed tools that tap into the inherent knowledge, experience, and wisdom within the group. The tools present an easy-to-use, structured process for mentoring that builds the high levels of trust and synergy necessary for in-depth learning from experience.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Programme provides professional strategies and interventions for personal and workplace support. Our EAP provider offers practical support when personal or work issues arise that may impact on someone’s ability to do their job, or affect their wellbeing.

The service provides professional and confidential counselling.

Learning and Development Opportunities

Taikura Trust is committed to the development of our people, ensuring they have the competency, confidence and professionalism to consistently deliver quality services and support to the people we work alongside.

We have a unique and important role in promoting the independence of people living with disabilities. In order to maximise the service we provide to our clients, Taikura is committed to developing skills through study assistance and study leave.

There are a number of qualifications which staff can choose from which will further develop their skills.

Continuous training is provided during the year which all our staff can partake in.

A multi-cultural and passionate team

At Taikura Trust, we are passionate about embracing difference and valuing human life in all its richness and diversity. 

We are very proud of our multi-cultural and diverse team. We take every opportunity to celebrate the diversity at Taikura Trust. You will find us celebrating Diwali, Mid-Autumn Festival, Cook Island language week, Te Reo language week, national awareness days, amongst many other cultural events or important causes.

Staff Discounts

We provide a number of staff discounts for personal purchases with some of our favourite suppliers. From insurance to DIY, travel to tyres – our staff benefit from better prices. We also provide discounts and deals with local gyms and cafes.